Average check
Average check
700-1000 ₽
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1 room for 50 people
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Modern Russian and mixed
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Events at the Palace Square
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Working hours
12:00 — 23:00
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Nevsky pr. and Admiralteyskaya, Gostiny Dvor
About the cafe
About the cafe

A low-cost cafe-bar with the symbolic name of Rasputin, on the corner of Palace Square, with a real St. Petersburg atmosphere, is incredibly surprising with its delicious cuisine and legendary home-made infusions. The menu features the favourite drinks of Grigory Rasputin, who loved to visit the wine warehouses that were located in this building. The brand-chef of the restaurant, Anton Oberemok, has blended Russian, Western European and Asian cuisine in his menu. The Danish s'mores, a specialty salad and and some of the best pork ribs in town. Visitors to the city should come here too!


In the classic, art deco interior with its grey velvet sofas, period buffet from the late 19th century and crystal, the modern chandeliers and decor add a touch of eccentricity.

Referring to Rasputin's renowned healing abilities, we have recreated an installation of glass flasks with various tinctures, oils and herbs. Retro chronicles of the palace coups and secrets will tell the story: photographs and reproductions of the royal family and Rasputin, personal letters and excerpts from newspapers.


The menu combines classic and contemporary Russian cuisine with Western European and Asian dishes. Hits on the menu include smoked rib sausage, duck dumplings, Danish s'mores, Asian woks, German sausages, and some of the best beer-battered smoked ribs in town.. We use farm-grown vegetables, meat and fish. The concept is based on local and seasonal products. We have very reasonable prices and quick service.


We are located in the heart of the city, on the corner of Dvortsovaya. A visit to the Hermitage, the Chapel, a stroll around Dvortsovaya, an evening out with friends or family - we're always close to you in the middle of nowhere!


The drinks list includes wine and spirits classics, homemade lemonades and warming soft drinks. Over a dozen homemade infusions of rum, gin, cognac and distillates at prices of 150 roubles per 50g. You can sample Grigory Rasputin's favourite wine and madera cocktails.

A stroll around Dvortsovaya, a family dinner or an evening out with friends - we're always with you in the middle of the action!