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Дорогие друзья!
В связи со сложившейся эпидемиологической ситуацией и постановлением правительства СПб мы временно закрыты на карантин, мы всегда на связи по телефону 571-75-91.
Берегите себя и своих близких! С нетерпением ждем возможности приветствовать вас у нас в гостях!


37 Moyka emb, Near Dvortsovaya Square


пн-вт: с 12.00 до 23.30, ср-вс: с 12.00 до 01.00

Reserve a Table

About Restaurant

Average check
800 rub
Live pop vocal
Working hours
daily from 10:00 till 23:00
Russian and European
1 halls up to 50 person
Gostiny Dvor, Nevskiy Prosperkt, Admiralteiskaya

Cafe Rasputin, located in the heart of the city, on Palace square - one of the most interesting places in St. Petersburg, which you must visit! Here you can always have a tasty and inexpensive lunch, relax with friends, celebrate any celebration: Banquet, wedding or anniversary at the most affordable prices.

The interior, in the spirit of the times of Grigory Rasputin, takes you into the past, in tsarist Russia of the late XIX - early XX century. Time seems to have stopped here, reflected in the mirrors and vintage gold chandeliers, crystal began to play in the old canteen of the end of the XIX century, hidden in the strange boxes on the shelves, stopped on the comfortable sofas made of dark - red velvet.

Referring to the famous Rasputin's healing abilities, we recreated the installation of glass flasks with different liqueurs, oils and herbs. Retro chronicle of the past years: the royal family photos and pictures and Rasputin, personal letters and extracts from the newspapers will tell you about palace coups and secrets. Green plants in the tubs and the chirping of live birds will help you to relax and give a special atmosphere of comfort and true hospitality of the king, with a languishing light of mystery.

The menu of cafe Rasputin includes dishes of Russian and European cuisine in combination with the author's improvisations on the theme of home cooking, specially designed by our chef. 
Do not deny yourself the pleasure to taste a variety of handmade dumplings, homemade sausages, cooked according to their own recipes, hodgepodge old Russian recipe. We also recommend the signature salad "Rasputin", beef steaks, and a Cup of tea order desserts of their own preparation: homemade Apple strudel, cake "Napoleon" and truffles.

The wine list is a collection of white, red and sparkling wines, a wide selection of spirits, cocktails and homemade lemonades. Madeira, the famous wine, which Grigory Rasputin loved, as well as various kinds of drinks prepared on the basis of Madeira are of special attention. Beer line in our cafe is a wide range of different varieties of bottled and draft beers. The leisure of your company will be enriched with live music in the evenings.

Bright and cozy room of café Rasputin is ideal for any holiday. For those who want a fun and inexpensive celebration at the Palace Square, we offer ready-made options banquet menu for 1300 - 1600 rubles per person, and if you wish, we can create a menu to a different taste and budget of the dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Our café can seat up to 50 guests. Parking is available next to the cafe. A DJ with disco will be a nice gift from our cafe.

Walking around the Palace Square, an evening relaxing with friends or celebrating an important event - we are always with you in the heart of it all!


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